Canadian chess champion takes on Vanier students

Bator Sambuev playing chess with students from Vanier College on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.
Bator Sambuev playing chess with students from Vanier College on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Felicia Parrillo/Global News

A very intense game of chess was played today at Vanier College.

Around 20 students participated in a simultaneous exhibition against Grandmaster Bator Sambuev.

“We thought it would draw people in and create a bit of a buzz around chess at school because it’s a fun game, it’s a great game and not enough people think that it’s cool and it is cool,” said Vanier English teacher Mark Cohen, who helps run the Vanier Chess Initiative.

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Sambuev, who is a two-time Canadian chess champion, played all of the students at the same time.

The Vanier Chess Initiative, who organized the event, said they put the game together to challenge both the students and the champion.

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“I knew that many of the students who are part of the chess initiative would enjoy being challenged,” said Jeremy Levett, a second year Vanier student who helps run the Vanier chess initiative. “One of the things that we are trying to do through the chess initiative is allow students to find their motivation and their interests and identify their strengths through their passion for chess and actually apply that to their education.”

Those who participated in the game on Wednesday were each charged $5 to play. All of the proceeds went to the Friendship Circle of Montreal, a non-profit organization that provides assistance and support to young people with special needs and their families.

Though two players got quite close – Sambuev won all 20 games against the students


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