B.C. municipal election 2018: Masset results

Barry Pages has been elected the mayor of Masset.

Pages defeated opponent Margo Hearne by a margin of 160 to 97.

Terry Carty, Regina Williams, Bret Johnston, Robert Morton, Evelyn Von Almassy were elected to council.



Margo Hearne

Barry Pages


Terry Carty

Bret Johnston (incumbent)

Robert Morton

Evelyn von Almassy

Regina Williams

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Masset is located on the northern tip of Haida Gwaii, right next to Naikoon Provincial Park.

Population (2016)



Since time immemorial, Haida Gwaii has been the home of the Haida people.

Evidence of their presence there dates back as long as 13,000 years.

Once reduced to a population of hundreds due to foreign diseases, Haida people now make up about half of the islands.

An American ship sailed into the Masset area in 1791.

A townsite where Masset is now was once known as Graham City, but when it was registered in 1907, it happened under the name “Masset.” It had also taken the names “Maast,” “Masseta” and “Masheet.”

The Masset economy was largely driven by fishing until Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Masset came into being in the 1970s as a listening post during the Cold War.

Its placement in the community brought amenities such as a gym, pool and golf course, and it doubled the population.

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The station was downsized in the 1990s but the amenities remain.

Median after-tax income of households (2015)/B.C. median


Political representation


Nathan Cullen (NDP)


Jennifer Rice (BC NDP)