Walmart accidentally gives customer $21K, but pleas to take it back not taken seriously

WATCH ABOVE: A Mississauga woman who accidentally received a credit card credit from Walmart for $21,000 has been trying to return the money. But as Sean O'Shea reports, the world's largest retailer has ignored her efforts for a whole month.

What would you do if a retailer accidentally gave you $21,000?

Courtney Black of Mississauga, Ont. is in that position. She’s been trying for a month to give the money back to Walmart Canada, but is having no success despite her repeated pleas.

“They’ve given me thousands of dollars, please take it off my credit card, and there’s no help,” she told Global News.

“They tell me a supervisor is going to call me back, so I wait. I used chat lines, their Facebook page, and nobody’s gotten back,” she said.

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Earlier this year, Black used her RBC Visa credit card online to buy about $10,000 worth of supplies for the office where she works. She was reimbursed by her employer and paid her credit card in full. She doesn’t like to owe money on her credit card, she says.

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But a few days after the card was paid, Black received three, separate credits on her Visa card from Walmart: $7552, $6567, and $6868. They add up to $20,987.

She called Global News in frustration when she concluded Walmart wouldn’t take the issue seriously. In turn, Walmart responded with a promise to investigate.

“Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We appreciate our customer coming forward proactively and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We are working with her to quickly resolve this issue,” said Anika Malik, Walmart Canada’s director of corporate affairs, in a written statement.

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Asked why she is so persistent to return the money, Black smiled.

“It’s just not right, you can’t keep it,” she said.

However, some of her friends suggested the money could be put to good use.

“Let’s go Mexico, let’s go to Bermuda,” were among the ideas put forward. “I can’t do that.”

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Black wondered if Walmart would be as slow to process a bona fide credit to customers waiting for refunds, given her experience.

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“If there’s a customer out there trying to give them $21,000 and they’re not giving it a second look, how are other customers feeling when Walmart is taking some of their money?”