Kittens found abandoned outside Winnipeg Animal Services

Photo courtesy Leland Gordon

It’s not a sight anyone wants to see: kittens cuddled together, left outside in a small crate with a towel over it.

“I don’t know if it just happened an hour ago or overnight, luckily, they were all still alive,” said the chief operating officer at Winnipeg Animal Services (WAS) Leland Gordon, who found the kittens in front of the shelter early Monday morning.

“Of course I couldn’t leave them outside, I had to help them,” Gordon said. He brought the kittens inside and gave them some food and water immediately.

Three tiny kittens kept each other warms by staying close in the crate. Photo courtesy Leland Gordon
The crate was found outside Winnipeg Animal Services Monday morning. Global News / File

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While Gordon realizes the person who dropped the cats off at WAS was trying to help the kittens by bringing them to the shelter, he wants people to do this during hours of operation.

“Bring an animal to an animal shelter when they’re open… so that there is no risk that they freeze overnight, or there is no risk that say, kids steal the kittens and hurt them.”

Luckily, the three kittens found outside are healthy. They will be going to the Winnipeg Humane Society at 45 Hurst Way, which takes cats in from WAS at 1057 Logan Avenue.

Gordon said there are too many cats and dogs going into shelters and rescues in Manitoba so people with unfixed pets at home need to consider spaying and neutering services.

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“If you’re a low income individual in Winnipeg and you’re really struggling, our friends at the Humane Society have low income programs to help get their pets fixed and those are partially subsidized by the City of Winnipeg,” Gordon said.

When people license their cat, not only are people protecting their cat, Gordon said, but some of that money is also going to help get cats spayed and neutered.

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To get your pet licensed call 311 or go online here. There is more information about spaying and neutering animals here.

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