Alec Baldwin’s Trump congratulates Putin, worries about ‘Mad Maxicans’ in SNL skit

‘I don’t care about America’ declares SNL’s Trump in freewheeling news conference
WATCH: SNL’s Trump declares he doesn't care about America in Cold Open

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live this week to address a variety of issues that have made headlines in recent weeks.

The show’s cold open began with an episode of Fox News‘ “Outnumbered Overtime,” hosted by newscaster Harris Faulkner.

Faulkner begins by introducing “Outnumbered” before admitting, “That’s also how I feel here at Fox News” — she is one of the few black women to host a daily program on a major American cable network.

After reading out a “Fox News Alert” claiming that former President Barack Obama can be impeached now despite not being president anymore, Faulkner cuts to a shot of Baldwin’s Trump, who is seen giving a press conference at the White House with leaders from Baltic states — or as he refers to them, “Estonia, Lithuania and, I wanna say, Stankonia.”

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He then pulls out a prepared statement and says out loud, “Do not congratulate Putin,” before realizing that’s actually a private note for him.

“The United States has a special relationship with the Baltic nations,” he says, going on to congratulate the three countries on the occasion of their independence centennials.

But he then reverts to freewheeling speech, congratulating the Russian president on his election victory. “He won a great, great, very transparent victory in the Russian election — fantastic job, Putin,” he says.
WATCH: Was President Trump congratulating Putin’s election win a good idea?
Was President Trump congratulating Putin’s election win a good idea?
Was President Trump congratulating Putin’s election win a good idea?
Lithuania’s president then makes a few remarks, but a bored Trump then briefly falls asleep, snoring away at the podium.

A reporter then asks a question about whether the Stormy Daniels non-disclosure agreement is no longer binding, in the wake of Trump’s recent comment that he didn’t know about his lawyer’s $130,000 payment to the porn star.

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“Borat, you want to take that one?” Baldwin’s Trump asks the Latvian president.

Trump then asks to take a question from a Baltic reporter, hoping this will mean he won’t get a difficult question. But the reporter asks him why he’s sending National Guard troops to the Mexican border.

An offended Trump responds, “Do I come to the shoe that you live in and slap the potato out of your mouth?

“Look, we have to keep our border secure. Mexico is sending caravans of immigrants toward us… truck after truck barreling across the desert. The trucks are covered in metal and spikes, there’s a guy strapped in front that’s wailing away on a freaky guitar.”

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The Lithuanian president then interjects and tells Trump he appears to be describing a scene from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

“That’s right,” Baldwin’s Trump replies. “They are some mad Maxicans.”

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