‘The sharing economy is not a fad’: Calgary businessman reimagines how we work

Communo's Calgary headquarters is based on the idea of a commune — or community. Jill Croteau

It’s called Communo. The company name is based on the whole idea of a commune — or community. Calgary businessman Ryan Gill is the creator. He’s built a space for marketing and communications professionals to connect and work together to capitalize on the sharing economy. It’s an inventive business model for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

“There is no corporate ladder anymore, they’ve taken their own ladder and are climbing it by themselves,” Gill said.

Communo is a space for marketing and communications professionals. Jill Croteau

Communo creates a safety net for people who may have worked for corporations and are now launching on their own. The intention is to have a pool of people under one umbrella. Members can be hired by each other.

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Communo is a shared working space. Jill Croteau

“I am about the small guy or gal. I love to see them win. As a CEO, my staff don’t work for me, I work for them, and I know it’s the right thing to say but I have a chip on my shoulder because I had to fight for it on my own and if I can pave the way for them, I will,” Gill said.

It’s working for many marketing agencies. Jason Krell has a public relations firm, At Large Communications, and he landed a contract to create a campaign that required more than his expertise. He hired fellow Communo members to execute the project.

“What we needed to do was put together a huge volume of work in a short amount of time and we had the ability to scale up and have high-quality content,” Krell said.

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Krell hired Caleb Clark of Online Presentz. Clarks’ video production team is working alongside Krell to complete the project.

“Having access to different professionals has opened up a tremendous amount of doors in terms of what we can go after in terms of projects we want to work on,” Clark said.

Communo’s headquarters is based in Calgary and Gill hopes to expand into other markets across the country.

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