Heavy rain and 100 km/h winds may cause flooding in Kingston

Heavy rain and high winds are expected to hit the Kingston area within the next two days. The CRCA is warning residents of possible floods and to be cautious around shorelines. File photo / 980 CFPL

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) issued a flood outlook Tuesday due to estimated rainfall of 20-45 mm over the next 48 hours.

That, coupled with winds expected to ramp up to 100 km/h, has prompted the CRCA to alert those in the region of the possibility of flooding in low lying areas.

A flood outlook warns of the possibility of a flood, whereas a flood warning indicates the flooding will happen or is already occurring.

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The conservation authority has also warned those on properties near Lake Ontario and the upperĀ St. Lawrence River to expect higher waves and possible erosion near the shoreline.

CRCA staff say that creeks in urban areas will rise more quickly due to increased runoff over paved surfaces, and ponding and water over roadways may occur in some areas. They recommend debris covering catch-basins should be cleared to help with drainage.

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The CRCA also warns of extremely dangerous ice conditions in the Cataraqui Region. The conservation authority is urging residents to stay away from fast-flowing watercourses, dams, outflow channels and stay off the thinning ice.


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