Pot rules, penalties in line with tobacco, alcohol: Manitoba ministers

WATCH: Manitoba's justice and health ministers introduced Bills 25 and 26 at the legislature Tuesday, outlining rules on public pot use. Global's Brittany Greenslade reports.

The province has issued new legislation surrounding where Manitobans will be able to smoke marijuana and how it will protect against drug impaired driving.

Bill-25 was introduced by Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen and will prohibit smoking and vaping cannabis in outdoor public spaces, including:

  • streets and sidewalks
  • parks and beaches
  • school grounds
  • restaurant patios and decks
  • health care facility grounds.

It follows similar laws already in place for smoking and drinking in public.

The legislation essentially will allow Manitobans to only smoke weed on private property such as their homes.

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Manitobans who are caught smoking or vaping in banned areas will be fined in line with current smoking fines.

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A first offence fine between $100 – $500.

For a second offence that range is between $200 – $750.

If you get caught a third time the fine increases to between $300 – $1,000.

The one thing the new bill does not address is regulations around where edibles can be taken.

“It’s a more complex issue,” Goertzen said. “We haven’t seen what the federal government wants to do when it comes to those.”

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Bill-26 was introduced by Justice Minister Heather Stefanson and deals with new sanctions to ensure no one gets behind the wheel of a car after consuming cannabis.

This change affects the Impaired Driving Offences Act and includes a new roadside oral fluid screening device.

This chart from the Ministry Health, Seniors and Active Living shows a comparison of impaired driving sanctions.
This chart from the Ministry Health, Seniors and Active Living shows a comparison of impaired driving sanctions. Province of Manitoba handout

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The federal government originally said they wanted weed legal by this summer, but that has since been pushed back.