Nova Scotia’s 2018 budget by the numbers

Nova Scotia released its 2018-2019 fiscal budget on March 20, 2018. Alexander Quon/Global News

Nova Scotia has tabled its budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Although some of the larger items, such as increases in health care funding, had been announced ahead of Tuesday some of the specifics only came to light today.

Here are some of the figures worth knowing from this budget.

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$15.5 billion

Despite the province projecting a surplus of $29.4 million for the fiscal year, and surpluses over the next years, one of the most important figures is hidden in Nova Scotia’s four year fiscal plan.

According to the province, Nova Scotia’s net debt — a figure which includes operating deficits and net capital spending — will reach $15.5 billion by 2021-2022.

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That means that according to the government’s own projections, Nova Scotia will add more than $400 million to the province’s net debt by the end of this government’s mandate.

This year’s budget projects the current net debt as $15.17 billion.

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$1.2 million dollars for take home cancer therapies

Nova Scotia is more than doubling its investment in take home cancer therapies.

In the budget, the province announced they’ll increase their funding of the medication by $1.2 million.

It’s a dramatic increase that will bring Nova Scotia’s total investment in the service to $2 million.

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$8.8 million to orthopedic surgeries

Nova Scotia says they’re committing $8.8 million to do 350 more hip and knee surgeries in the province.

According to the province that’ll mean 4,200 orthopedic surgeries will be completed this year as a result of the increase.

The funds will help create a central booking system, hire more surgeons and provide rehabilitation to patients.

The province says the additional funding will bring the four year total investment to $24.3 million.

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73 days

The province says that within 73 days – June 1 – they’ll announce a new roadmap for construction of news schools in the province.

Despite revealing a$102 million investment to “build, purchase and renovate schools” in their annual capital plan — all of the projects had been previously announced.

That includes the construction of the Spryfield High School, Eastern Passage School and Yarmouth Elementary School.

The new plan will follow a recommendation by education consultant, Avis Glaze, who was hired by the liberal government late in 2017.

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$17.6 million to expand pre-primary care

Nova Scotia has committed $17.6 million in additional funding to expand its free pre-primary program to the rest of the province.

That will bring the province’s total commitment for the 2018-2019 fiscal year to $24 million.

According to the province this will help add “about” 130 classes throughout the province.

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