B.C. to increase number of dental surgeries for faster access

B.C. government is hoping to decrease wait times for dental surgery in the province. Getty Images / File

B.C.’s Health Minister says those waiting for dental surgeries will see big improvements come April 1.

Health Minister Adrian Dix says that starting next month, the province will increase the number of dental surgeries performed every year by 900.

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Currently, 15 per cent of British Columbians wait longer than 26 weeks, but the minister was vague in his response when asked how much wait times would be reduced by.

“I believe wait lists will clearly be significantly reduced by this,” Dix said. “But it may be the case that because we’re providing better service and because we’re working with the BC Dental Association then, in fact, we will find more people who require service.”

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The surgeries will be performed at 52 hospitals throughout B.C. with two dedicated operating rooms for the surgeries at the Teck Acute Care Centre.

“I’ve heard especially from parents whose sons and daughters suffered for longer periods,” Dix said.

He said the increase in surgeries will help children and adults who require general anesthetic for their dental procedures, especially for those with developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions.

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