How a meme has become the ‘next generation political cartoon’

Political cartoonist says the meme is the next generation for the political cartoon
Fri, Mar 16: Political cartoonist Michael de Adder says that how Canadians ingest their political satire is changing. As Shelley Steeves reports, de Adder says the internet meme is the next generation of the political cartoon.

Political cartoons are meant to poke fun at the missteps of politicians while highlighting the news of the day. But according to cartoonist Michael de Adder, how Canadians ingest their political satire is changing.

“The meme is the next generation political cartoon there, no doubt about it,” said de Adder in Moncton, N.B., on Friday.

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The work of de Adder is being displayed beside fellow political cartoonist Jack MacMellon in a new exhibit at Resurgo Place.

De Adder said it is an honour to share the display with MacMellon, “to salute who came before you.”

Although the style of the two artists differs, both have the same message, says Lawren Campbell, the heritage and culture co-ordinator for Resurgo Place.

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They both attempt to highlight the hypocrisies most found in politics.

“Back in the day, that was one of your few sources of satirical entertainment,” Campbell said.

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Cartoonist Michael de Adder
Cartoonist Michael de Adder

According to de Adder, people’s habits in consuming political satire have begun to change rapidly.

“Everybody is getting into the political game especially with Donald Trump. He is everybody’s favourite topic,” he said.

He added that the meme is the next generation’s political cartoon which is why he now has to produce cartoons that will not only appeal to readers, but also resonate online.

Campbell agrees.

“You have the attention span of microseconds to grab people’s attention,” said Campbell.

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