Prince Albert police warn of counterfeit bills

Counterfeit bills seized in Saskatoon. Prince Albert police say there has been an increase in counterfeit bills being used in the northern Saskatchewan city. Contributed

Prince Albert police say there is a surge in counterfeit bills being used in the northern Saskatchewan city.

Police said three incidents have been reported to them so far this year. There were 12 reports of fake bills during 2017 after having two incidents reported in 2015 and 2016.

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Officials said the most common counterfeit currency being used are $50 and $100 Canadian bills with serial numbers LGQ03229158 ($50) and EKR2223601 ($100).

There have also been recent counterfeit cases involving $20 bills with serial numbers FDV3685454.

The most popular targets are gas stations, convenience stores, and banks.

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The Bank of Canada said the best way to spot a fake bill is to touch the bills to feel for a raised surface and then tilt it to the side to see if the security features are engaged.

The metallic portrait in the middle is supposed to match the larger one near the centre of the bill and within the small window should be small numbers that match the note denomination.

More information on how to spot counterfeit bills can be found at the Bank of Canada.

Anyone who suspects they may be the victim of counterfeit bills should contact Prince Albert police at 306-953-4222.

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