Healthy hiring climate forecasted for Peterborough: Manpower survey

Survey forecasts 20% of Peterborough employers to hire in next three months
According to Manpower, 20 per cent of Peterborough employers will hire between April and June.

A survey of Peterborough-area employers is painting a positive picture for job growth in the city.

According to ManpowerGroup, 20 per cent of local employers will be hiring over the next few months.

From April to June, none of the employers surveyed said they will lay off employees, while 73 per cent will maintain their current staffing levels, the survey stated.

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“With seasonal variations removed from the data, Peterborough’s second-quarter Net Employment Outlook of 13 per cent is a nine percentage point increase when compared to the previous quarterly outlook,” said Eileen Gittens of Manpower’s Pickering office.

Employment, Planning & Counselling Peterborough (EPC) agrees with the survey. It currently has 52 job postings on its job board.

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“Truthfully, right now, our job list is as full as I’ve seen it. It’s five pages long,” said Jon Hedderwick, an employment counselor.

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At EPC, they’re seeing a mix of part- and full-time work as well as entry-level and advanced positions.

“At this point, we have more jobs than people we are seeing to fill them with. We are seeing some higher-end positions, including executive assistants and managers. But a lot of entry-level positions too,” added Hedderwick.

The numbers in the survey reflect the same trend in the country. The survey of more than 1,900 Canadian employers showed 20 per cent of those surveyed will hire between April and June.