Washington, D.C., police investigating ATM theft caught on camera

Click to play video 'Truck slams into Washington D.C. store as part of ATM theft' Truck slams into Washington D.C. store as part of ATM theft
WATCH ABOVE: A truck was caught on camera on Jan. 19, 2018, slamming into a store as part of an ATM theft.

Stunning video has surfaced of a burglary in Washington, D.C., showing a vehicle backing up at high speed to break into a store in order to assist in the theft of an ATM machine.

D.C. Metropolitan Police report the incident happened on Jan. 19 at approximately 1:35 a.m.

The video shows exterior and interior shots of the break-in, with the blue truck plowing into the side of the store as two other people wearing black hooded sweatshirts, run into the building through its main doors.

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Once the truck pulls back out, the two hooded people start working to pull an ATM to the truck. A third person, the truck’s driver, exits the vehicle and the three eventually hoist the ATM machine onto the back of the vehicle, with one of the suspects staying on the cargo bed.

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They then drive off with the machine.

During the video, another person blurred out by police can be seen standing nearby watching the incident before they are seen walking away from the scene.

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It’s one of two ATM thefts which police are investigating that occurred in January and February.

In the second incident, also caught on camera, a red pickup truck backs into a building and three people get out and attempt to lift an ATM machine into the cargo bed of the vehicle.

The three eventually flee the scene without the machine.

The incident occurred Feb. 20 at approximately 4:13 a.m.

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Global News contacted police for more information on the individual in the first video, but police said they could not comment “to protect the integrity of these cases.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, police said both cases remain under investigation and no arrests have been made.

Police said they believed the two cases are related.

According to police, the truck in the first incident has been recovered. The suspects in both incidents, as well as the vehicle in the second crime, are still being sought by authorities.