Burnaby renters call on province to stop ‘demovictions’

FILE - More rental tenants in Burnaby are crying foul after another apartment building was rezoned to build a condo tower. Simon Little / Global News

There’s been a call for the provincial government to pass an anti-demoviction bylaw to stop all demolitions of apartment buildings, as a few more Metrotown buildings go up for rezoning.

Another rezoning application to demolish two low-end market rental buildings in Metrotown will go before Burnaby council on Tuesday night.

Renter Zoe Luba said the apartment buildings on Maywood Street are earmarked to be taken down in five years, and will be replaced by a 32-storey tower.

“It’s grossly unfair to have really no say in the matter. Because we’ve seen these public hearings, we’ve been at them, they don’t really listen to the tenants who speak at them.”

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Luba said so far, more than 700 low-end apartment units have been demolished to make way for luxury towers, displacing roughly 2,000 people.

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She said once again, low-income tenants will be forced to try to find an ever-dwindling supply of affordable accommodation.

“It’s really, really difficult to find adequate affordable housing in the current context of the housing crisis,” she said.

Luba said the new zoning application doesn’t include rental or non-market housing, and is exclusively for luxury condos and a park expansion.

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