Escaped convicts located in Osborne area, arrested by Winnipeg police

Two inmates who escaped from Stony Mountain on the weekend are now back behind bars.  .
Two inmates who escaped from Stony Mountain on the weekend are now back behind bars. . RCMP handout

RCMP said early Tuesday that the two prisoners who escaped from Stony Mountain on the weekend are back in custody.

The pair was first noticed missing Saturday night.

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Staff members at the jail discovered that William Benjamin Hunter-Garrioch and Dale Jacob Gilchrist were not accounted for during count at around 9:30 p.m.

RCMP offered no answers about how the men managed to escape. They originally believed the two were headed for Saskatchewan.

Officials reported the escapees were picked up in Winnipeg without incident Tuesday.

Acting on a tip, Winnipeg police found the pair in Osborne Village.

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1JustCity issued a news release saying the escaped prisoners had made their way to the community outreach program ‘Just a Warm Sleep’, which operates out of  Augustine United Church at the corner of River Avenue and Pulford Street.

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“The escapees had entered during the regular intake hours, which are 10-11 p.m., run by volunteers. They signed in under fake names and proceeded to sleep as everyone does, following the code of conduct for respect in the space. Throughout the night, security on rounds just before 4 a.m. confidently identified the two sleepers as the escapees and promptly notified police,” the statement read.

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Winnipeg police showed up at 4 a.m. and arrested the two men.

Hunter-Garrioch and Gilchrist face charges of being unlawfully at large and will be returned to Stony Mountain.

Read the full news release from 1JustCity here:

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