Plastic bags turned into sleeping mats for Winnipeg’s homeless

A closer look at one of the plastic bag mats. Jeremy Desrochers / Global News

A group of Winnipeggers crocheted for a cause at Augustine United Church on Sunday.

Roughly 50 people got together to take part in the Just a Warm Sleep Campaign, which saw thousands of plastic shopping bags crocheted into sleeping mats for the homeless.

Dozens of volunteers spent the afternoon creating the three by six foot mats using about 500 plastic bags each.

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The event was organized in large part by 1JustCity, a Winnipeg organization that funds church outreach programs.

West Broadway Community Ministry’s Ray Eskritt told Global News Sunday she was excited for the mat’s possibilities.

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“We couldn’t be more thrilled,” Eskritt said. “If you’re in off the street and wet and tired and sick, you just want a good night’s sleep. People can use them and be comfortable.”

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“We’re going to make enough mats for everyone to have a good night’s sleep until they can sleep at their new home.”

Eskritt said the group was so happy with the turnout Sunday that they’ve already started to discuss a second date to create more mats in early 2018.

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