2nd replica gun in as many weeks at Delta school prompts police warning

Delview Secondary and nearby Gordon Elementary were put under a "Code Yellow" after someone phoned police about a student with a realistic-looking gun on Monday. Delta School District

Police are urging parents in Delta to talk to their kids about replica guns after a student brought a realistic-looking weapon to school for the second time in as many weeks.

Delview Secondary School and nearby Gibson Elementary were put into “Code Yellow” on Monday after someone called police about a suspicious person near the high school with what looked like a gun.

Under a Code Yellow, classes continue but doors to the school are locked, outside activities are cancelled and no unauthorized personnel are allowed to enter.

Delta police said that shortly afterward, they located a male student in possession of a pellet gun.

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Back on Feb. 15, Delta’s Sands Secondary was also put under a Code Yellow when a student brought a starter pistol to school.

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Delta police spokesperson Cris Leykauf said such replica guns look very similar to real weapons, and as a result, force real police responses.

“What we’d like to get across is, it is not acceptable for anyone to bring a replica gun or a pellet gun anywhere near the school,” she said. “We recognize it is not illegal to own, but we do recommend parents have a discussion with their children about safety and appropriate use of replica guns and pellet guns.”

Leykauf added that while replica weapons aren’t illegal, pointing a realistic gun at someone is an offence that could result in charges.

— With files from Beth Mariam

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