Vancouver snow has aquarium otters fooling around with snowballs

The otters at the Vancouver Aquarium enjoyed the recent snowfall in Vancouver. They were captured on video playing with snowballs.

Aquarium otters were busy frolicking with snowballs as frustrated Vancouver commuters struggled to travel to work and home on snow-stricken streets.

Rescued sea otters Kunik and Mak, and eight-month-old pup Hardy, partook in a “snowball enrichment training session” as snow fell on Friday.

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The sessions provide “mental and physical stimulation” for marine mammals and “strengthen bonds” with trainers at the aquarium.

Videos released by the aquarium showed the otters playing with and even eating snowballs as they rolled around in wintry weather.

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Enrichment sessions can take many forms with marine mammals.

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They can involve showing the animals new objects such as TV monitors, mirrors or strangely-shaped items, the aquarium said on its website.

Images of the playful otters formed a marked contrast with scenes on the streets of Vancouver, which turned chaotic as snow snarled traffic, slowing cars and keeping buses from reaching their stops.

WATCH: Timelapse of falling snow on Vancouver streets

Timelapse of falling snow on Vancouver streets
Timelapse of falling snow on Vancouver streets

In total, 10 to 20 cm of snow are expected to fall through Friday night.

Areas closer to the water should see lighter snow, but it could be heavier near the North Shore mountains, according to Environment Canada.

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