Saskatoon SPCA wants potential pet owners to join ‘Kittinder’

“Kittinder” is the latest initiative from the shelter to help find some furry friends a home. Saskatoon SPCA / Supplied

If people are looking for a feline friend, Saskatoon SPCA recommends they give “Kittinder” a shot.

No, it is not a real app, although it’s the latest attempt by the shelter to tackle an overpopulation problem.

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“In the past we really haven’t seen an overpopulation issue in the wintertime, usually it’s a problem reserved for spring and summertime,” said Tricia McAuley, the fundraising and public relations coordinator with the Saskatoon SPCA. “But right now it’s February and our shelter is absolutely full.”

To help these kitties find a home, mock profiles were created for the cats, showing off some headshots and bios that include likes, dislikes and a quote or two.

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The initiative has garnered attention from all over the world, even being featured in an article from a U.K.-based publication.

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The SPCA is hoping many people will “swipe right.”

“The attention is sorely needed for our cats in our care,” McAuley said. “Some of them have been long-term residents with us, and while none of our animals have a time limit, we certainly want to see them get into happy homes as quickly as possible.”

There are currently 135 animals at the SCPA.

The public is asked not to surrender animals to the shelter until some of the current felines find a home.

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