Saskatoon SPCA receives largest food donation in its history

The pet food donated to the Saskatoon SPCA is being shared with shelters, humane societies and rescue groups across the province. Adam MacVicar / Global News

The Saskatoon SPCA won’t have any issues feeding their animals this year thanks to a large donation from PetSmart.

Almost 40,000 pounds of pet food was donated through PetSmart’s Buy a Bag, Give a Meal program. It’s the single largest pet food donation Saskatoon’s SPCA has ever received.

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The donation is the equivalent of 187,000 meals for the animals, and is expected to last at least an entire year.

“It’s an absolutely incredible donation,” Saskatoon SPCA public relations coordinator Cathy Brin said.

“Forty-thousand pounds is a ton of food for us, more food than we could possibly use in the span of a year.”

The SPCA is sharing the wealth, acting as a distribution hub for shelters and rescues across the province to pick up the pet food for free.

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“It’s an incredible help to rescues and humane societies across Saskatchewan,” Brin said.

“If they’re not going to have to pay for any food for their animals for the next 12 months, that really does free up resources and free up funding for other areas that they might need it.”

Now that food is covered for the next year, Saskatoon SPCA is encouraging public donations of things like durable dog toys, liquid laundry detergent and non-clumping cat litter, among other high demand items.

Officials say monetary donations are also accepted, and allows the shelter to spend on much needed surgeries, vet appointments and shelter upgrades.

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