Wife surprises husband with pilot’s in-flight pregnancy announcement

Click to play video: 'Wife surprises husband with pregnancy news on in-flight announcement' Wife surprises husband with pregnancy news on in-flight announcement
WATCH: A Florida husband reacts to the news that his wife is pregnant while onboard a plane – Feb 14, 2018

A Florida man was left speechless onboard a flight after the pilot announced over the intercom that the man’s wife was pregnant.

In a telephone interview with Global News, Audrey Rose said that she had taken two separate pregnancy tests right before their trip to Chicago to make sure she was in fact pregnant.

“With our first daughter I had a look on my face and my [husband] just knew I was pregnant,” said Rose.

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So she decided for this pregnancy, she would get a little more creative.

Right before boarding their flight in September 2017, Rose wrote a letter to the crew asking for their help with telling her husband, David, about her big news.

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“I have a big favor to ask! I just found out that I’m pregnant and want to surprise my husband,” read the letter Rose wrote to the crew. “I was hoping you could announce it before takeoff.”

Audrey Rose via Storyful

“I decided to try and pull this off. I wasn’t even sure if it would work … it was a leap of faith,” said Rose.

She also added that moments before the plane took off, a flight attendant gave her a thumbs-up signalling that an announcement was in the works.

With her phone ready, Rose began recording her husband who was oblivious to what was about to happen.

“David and Audrey Rose have apparently smuggled on an extra passenger,” the pilot announced. “Ms. Audrey has recently discovered that she is with child.”

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David is then seen in the video looking at his wife confused and asking “what?” multiple times.

Rose said that finding out you’re having a child is exciting news on its own, so having her husband find out the way he did was extra special.

“I was watching him and crying and super excited and nervous … his face was priceless. That was the exact reaction I was hoping for,” said Rose.

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Rose said passengers on the plane clapped and congratulated them.

David kept asking his wife how she pulled it off.

“All in all it was just a great experience,” said Rose.

Rose said she’s six months pregnant.

The couple doesn’t know yet if they’re having a boy or a girl.

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