Halifax Transit collects public feedback on BRT at open house

Halifax Transit holds open house on bus rapid transit
WATCH: Feedback is being collected on proposed bus rapid transit options in Halifax. Steve Silva reports.

Halifax municipal staff are working on a report about bus rapid transit (BRT) in Halifax for councillors to consider, and public feedback is being accepted to help shape the report.

An open house was held at Halifax Central Library on Monday.

“It typically operates with transit priority or with dedicated right-of-way, which means that the busses are less likely to get stuck in traffic and more likely to be a lot more reliable,” said Erin Blay, Halifax Transit‘s supervisor of service design and projects, describing BRT at the first of the two afternoon events.

The second event is scheduled to end at 8 p.m.

The system can include other features, such as off-board fare payment options, she added.

The proposed BRT network would stretch as far as Portland Hills Terminal in the east to the Lacewood Terminal in the west.

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“The best scenario would be busses that come every 15 minutes, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” Andrew Taylor, a board member of transit advocacy group It’s More Than Buses, said.

A dedicated bus lane on Gottingen Street has been proposed, an option that has concerned business owners in the area.

Participants at the event told Global News they want fewer connections to get somewhere on public transit, better development of transit hubs, and faster service.

Feedback is also being collected on a municipal website.