Vancouver lights up Olympic Cauldron to support Canadians competing in Pyeongchang

Brian Coxford, Global News

Canadians are gearing up to cheer on their favourite athletes overseas in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Olympic Games.

To show support of those competing, the 2010 Olympic Cauldron was lit up in Jack Poole Plaza in downtown Vancouver Thursday night.

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Bronze medalist Brent Hayden says it’s an amazing feeling for athletes to see the crowds come out and show support, because it can be tough for them being away from loved ones.

“When you get those… those messages or seeing it, you know, whether it’s the comment section of the local newspaper or online or something like that, like anywhere you find it it really does help and just kind of brings you back to the perspective of why you are over there doing it,” Hayden said.

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He says that support from fans and Canadians helps to remedy the homesickness he sometimes has on the road.

“You’re away from your family, you’re away from your friends, you got your teammates, obviously, but there are so many people that have supported you along the way, you know, whether it’s your parents helping you get to training every single day – then suddenly you’re not around them,” he said.

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The Cauldron will be lit again prior to the Closing Ceremony for the Paralympic Games on March 17.


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