Regina-Lewvan MP Erin Weir suspended from NDP duties over harassment allegations

Regina-Lewvan MP Erin Weir has been suspended from his duties in the NDP caucus. Global News

LATEST UPDATES: Jagmeet Singh suspends Regina MP Erin Weir over complaints, launches probe

Regina-Lewvan MP Erin Weir has been suspended from his duties as a federal NDP over harassment allegations involving women, specifically members of the NDP staff.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the announcement Thursday afternoon. He said that the NDP caucus was sent an email detailing the allegations.

Singh said the person who sent the email is not a survivor of harassment. However, he said these allegation are serious which is why these actions are being taken.

He said the allegations are not sexual harassment to their knowledge.

Weir issued the following statement on the allegations:

“As politicians, we are placed in a position of public trust. We are, and should be, held to the highest possible standards and it is absolutely right that our party has a process to investigate any allegations of harassment.

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“However, I do not know what is being alleged. I am confident that I have not harassed anyone and welcome a prompt investigation to clear my name. I look forward to continuing to represent the people of Regina–Lewvan as a member of the NDP caucus.”

Weir’s statement was written before Singh publically announced his suspension.

Singh said the NDP will be hiring a third party investigator to look into the situation. Once the investigation is complete, Singh said Weir’s role will be re-evaluated.

Weir was first elected in the 2015 federal election.