Website launched on a proposed national park reserve in south Okanagan

Parks Canada

Parks Canada is hoping to engage the public on a proposed national park reserve in the south Okanagan-Similkameen region with the launch of a new website.

The website provides information on the goals of establishing a park reserve.  They include the protection of the diverse vegetation and landscape features of  the  local ecosystems as well as the wildlife habitat and plant species.  The website also says that the creation of a park reserve will provide opportunities for visitor experiences, such as recreational activities and the presentation of natural and cultural heritage.

The website states “moving forward to realize a new national park reserve in the south Okanagan-Similkameen will involve ongoing public consultation and working to address priorities and concerns.”

The creation of a national park in the region has been the subject of debate for many years.

The website also delves into the history of the “park creation process” which began back in 2002 and discusses the setbacks and opposition that have stalled the project.

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As for park boundaries, the website only states that “no boundaries or park concepts have been defined at this time.”

Click here for a link to the Parks Canada website.