‘Tide Pod Challenge’ makes its way to Okanagan School

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are pulling any videos depicting people eating Tide laundry packets, calling them an "inherent risk.". Getty Images

Despite warnings about the “Tide Pod Challenge,” a student in the Okanagan is in trouble after taking the laundry packets to school.

The challenge is an online dare, usually carried out by teenagers, in which an individual eats a Tide Pod and posts the video to social media.

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A student at a middle school in Penticton had his Tide Pods confiscated last week after other students alerted the principal about the small packets of laundry detergent. The kid’s parents received a phone call, Superintendent Wendy Hyer said.

Classrooms at the school were given a lecture on the hazards.

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The pods were not consumed to the school district’s knowledge, Hyer said, adding that she was not aware where the student had gotten the pods.

She said that it was a young male student who was trying to be cool around his peers and made a poor decision.

No note was sent home to students at the school.

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Doctors say consuming the Tide Pods can be potentially fatal.

If you or someone you know has ingested a poisonous substance, call 911 or your provincial poison control centre