5 years of broadcasting local morning news to Montreal

Click to play video: 'Global News Morning Montreal celebrates 5 years'
Global News Morning Montreal celebrates 5 years
WATCH ABOVE: Global News station manager Karen Macdonald joins Laura Casella and Kim Sullivan to celebrate the Montreal morning show's fifth anniversary, along with some of our favourite bloopers over the past couple of years – Jan 29, 2018

January 28th marked the 5th anniversary of Global News Morning Montreal.

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Global News Montreal station manager Karen Macdonald joined Global’s Laura Casella and Kim Sullivan on air to talk about the show.

“We’re happy that people trust us to deliver information to start their day,” said Macdonald.

After five years of broadcasting live television content, the team shared their thoughts on the importance of having a local voice.

Global News Montreal station manager Karen Macdonald:

I’ve been watching Global News Morning since it came on the air five years ago. Even though I work here, it’s still the best way I’ve found to start my day – a smile, news, weather and lots of cool community news. It’s the best way for our newsroom to connect with our viewers. 

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Three of our regular staffers have been part of the team since its beginning in January of 2013.

Senior producer Robert Ostiguy leads the ship.
Director Bruno Lavoie ensures smooth sailing of the show.
Video editor Matt Consalvo uses creativity to help visually tell stories.
Cameraman Yannick Gadbois braves Montreal's elements to visually document the city.
Yannick Gadbois' rig helps him get to the scene of Montreal's breaking news.

Senior producer Rob Ostiguy:

I enjoyed designing and putting the show in operation. But what I really enjoy the most is meeting Montrealers from all walks of life, who come here to talk about the things that are important to them and the community.

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Overnight cameraman Yannick Gadbois:

I started everything from scratch, even had to build my truck with scanners, antennas, laptop etc. I love to show people waking up the first video of what happened during the night to keep them informed. [I enjoy] being outside chasing crime scenes, fires and accidents. [My favourite moments are] when I can have good footage of big events, it’s even more fun for me!

Editor and back-fill television director Matt Consalvo:

I enjoy finding innovative solutions to improve the television audience’s viewing experience and having productive relationships with all of my co-workers.

Director Bruno Lavoie has been with the Global News Montreal family for many years but just recently joined the News Morning team.

Television director Bruno Lavoie:

We put fun into mornings. We have a nice team and time flies because we barely stop. Every morning is a challenge because we have a variety of interviews during the show. We can transition from interviews with authors to a circus with a rock band within the same hour. Yes, it’s hard to consistently wake-up at 3:30 a.m. but I’m always happy to come to work every morning. Especially on Fridays because it means we can sleep the day after – more than usual!

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Supervisor, news technology Richard Al Sabbagh: 

At the beginning of the morning news show all the tech shops were working on rotating shifts. In 2014, I started as a permanent with the team  and now I can’t leave them! 

Anchor Laura Casella is one of the newer members of the team.

I started with Global News Morning in September 2016. It’s a true privilege to be welcomed into people’s homes each and every morning. I will never take this opportunity for granted.  To be able to do a job that you love is just an added bonus. The element of being live is never boring! You have to roll with the punches no matter what happens and that’s exciting. I love reading and compiling news and looking for those interesting elements to get people started on their day. It’s so stimulating to meet so many different people from different walks of life each and every day. There is always something to learn. Spending my weeks with some regular contributors we have on the show are some of my favourite moments. The spontaneous laughter with the guests and with Kim, and those moments of breaking news are some of the most thrilling times for me as an anchor.

Thank you Montreal! I love what I do and it’s an honour that you turn to us every morning. I’m looking forward to spending many more mornings with you!

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Weather specialist Kim Sullivan:

I’ve been with Global News Morning since June 2016. [The show is important because] it’s local! Without shows like Global News Morning, so many great local initiatives, individuals and charities wouldn’t have a voice or a reach!  [I enjoy that] the weather is a piece of info that everyone wants. I love that I get to inform viewers every morning about what they can expect from Mother Nature. Not only do I get to work every morning with a friend (Laura), I get to have fun on location  meet interesting people from our community on a daily basis. I feel extremely privileged to be in the community in this way. My favourite memory is doing the weather while repelling down a 15 storey building! [Kim’s secret] my mug never has coffee – I fake drink it! Laura’s has coffee!

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