Drew Carey knocked over by excited ‘Price is Right’ contestant

Drew Carey knocked over by excited ‘Price is Right’ contestant
WATCH: Drew Carey knocked over by excited ‘Price is Right’ contestant.

A contestant on Wednesday’s episode of The Price is Right was so excited that when she jumped to hug the show’s host, Drew Carey, she fell with him, almost knocking him off the stage.

The contestant, named Sona, went to embrace Carey after she correctly guessed the price of a treadmill.

Sona ran onto the stage and jumped into Carey’s arms but they both lost their balance and fell to the ground.

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Carey was near the edge of the stage, and he nearly fell off. A member of the audience can be seen getting prepared to catch the game show host.

They both got back up and Carey began laughing and told the crowd, “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

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The host said it was the first time in 10 years that something like that had happened on the show.

Carey told the announcer to say the prize and the announcer said, “Sona, do not break the host or the set. And then I will say, how’d you like a brand new car!”

The contestant did not end up winning the car but she did go home with US$3,000.

Watch Carey get Carey-ed away in the video above.