Roller-coaster weather creating conditions for natural gas leaks: SaskEnergy

SaskEnergy says the recent changes in Saskatchewan’s weather is creating conditions for possible underground natural gas leaks. Adrian Raaber / Global News

The recent roller-coaster weather in Saskatchewan is creating conditions that could lead to underground natural gas leaks.

SaskEnergy said the recent intense cold snap, the current depth of the frost layer, and now the sudden warming are making conditions favourable for a natural gas leak to occur.

Anyone detecting a natural gas odour should immediately contact SaskEnergy at 1-800-700-0427.

SaskEnergy officials said a technician will then be dispatched to confirm whether or not there is a leak.

Crews will be sent out to make repairs in the event of a leak and a technician will ensure that all natural gas appliances are relit and working safely once service is restored.

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SaskEnergy said that although its pipeline system is designed to withstand Saskatchewan’s weather conditions, underground leaks can occur, usually during the spring thaw.

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