Saskatchewan designates emerald ash borer an insect pest

The emerald ash borer, which is deadly to all ash trees, has been designated an insect pest by the Saskatchewan government. Government of Saskatchewan / Supplied

The Saskatchewan government has designated the emerald ash borer as an insect pest.

Officials said taking this step is part of the province’s plan to address forest insect and disease threats.

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“The emerald ash borer has been on Saskatchewan’s radar for at least a decade, as part of our provincial insect and disease strategy,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said.

“Officially designating the insect, and any lands that could potentially harbour it, gives us important legal tools to stop its spread into Saskatchewan.”

The designation allows the Environment Ministry to ban the transportation of firewood and wood products into the province from infested areas.

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“The emerald ash borer, like other forest insect threats, is spread primarily by people transporting wood,” Duncan said.

“By not bringing potentially infested wood into Saskatchewan, everyone can help keep forest pests out of our province.”

The emerald ash borer has not yet been detected in Saskatchewan but was found in Winnipeg in December 2017.

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Ash trees grow naturally in the eastern part of Saskatchewan’s forest and form a major part of the urban forest in many cities and towns.

The emerald ash borer is originally from Asia and is deadly to all species of ash trees.


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