Montreal crews working around the clock to clear snow

A file photo of snow operations in Montreal. Staff/Global News

Ridding the streets of Montreal of the latest snowfall has been underway for over 24 hours, but snow removal is still an ongoing concern throughout the city.

City officials expect about 25 percent of snow removal to be completed by Wednesday night.

“By the end of the day, we will have done a quarter of the city,” said City of Montreal spokesperson Philippe Sabourin. “With that rhythm, it’s going to be done before the arrival of your guests for New Year’s Eve.”

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Sabourin says there are 3,000 employees and 2,200 engines working on removing snow.

He urges residents to respect no-parking signs.

“If you notice those signs ,that means you have to move your car either during the night or during the day,” Sabourin said.

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He added that a majority of snow-clearing employees are working 12 hours per day.

“There’s no rest, no break for our crews,” Sabourin said. “They’re on the road and they’re happy to do the job.”

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