Free New Year’s Eve parking in municipal lots returns for fourth year in London

London City Hall as seen June 14, 2017. Matthew Trevithick/980 CFPL File

With just over a week until 2018, the City of London is once again announcing that parking at 19 municipal lots will be free overnight for New Year’s Eve.

The lots are marked with a green symbol showing the letter ‘P’.

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Municipal Law Enforcement Services manager, Annette Drost, noted that normally motorists would have to pay until midnight and then again at eight the following morning.

“For this particular occasion, we’re going to allow you to just pay until midnight and then you are free to leave your vehicle there without having to worry about it being ticketed or towed. And you’re good till 1 o’clock in the afternoon,” Drost explained.

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“So, you’ve got lots of time to get back down and locate your vehicle. If you couldn’t get there by 1 o’clock in the afternoon, you can always use our HonkMobile application to pay from home.”

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This is the fourth year of the initiative, which Drost said has been well-received.

“We look at the parking lots on New Year’s Day and they’re actually quite full. So, we’re glad that we’re able to offer another alternative in addition to taxis, LTC. There’s all kind of options available, it’s just whichever one is more convenient to you.”

In the downtown, Richmond Row, and Old East areas of the city, over 1500 lot spaces are available at 19 municipal lots:

  1. Lot 1 Dundas/Elizabeth/English Street – 434 Elizabeth St.
  2. Lot 2 Dundas/Elizabeth/Adelaide – 641 Queens Ave.
  3. Lot 3N Oxford West of Richmond – 743 Richmond St.
  4. Lot 3E  Piccadilly/Oxford St E. – 234 Piccadilly St.
  5. Lot 3W Piccadilly West of Richmond – 210 Piccadilly St.
  6. Lot 4 Adelaide/Marshall Street (Tolpuddle) 635 Marshall St.
  7. Lot 5 Queens Ave East of Richmond – 185 Queens Ave.
  8. Lot 6 Kent Street West of Richmond – 174 Kent St.
  9. Lot 7 Dundas/Rectory – 824 Dundas St.
  10. Lot 8 Budweiser Gardens – 99 Dundas St.
  11. Lot 11 King Street East of Thames – 331 Thames St.
  12. Lot 12 Ridout/Horton Street – 199 Ridout St. N
  13. Lot 15 Convention Centre – 300 York St.
  14. Lot 16 205 Oxford St.
  15. Lot 17 Thames Street – 331 Thames St.
  16. Lot 19 Museum London – 421 Ridout St.
  17. Lot 20 – 155 Kent St.
  18. Lot 21 – 558 Talbot St.
  19. Lot 22 – 695 Richmond St.

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