Montreal’s Ville-Marie borough launches new garbage and recycling pilot project

Click to play video: 'Montreal gets new garbage cans'
Montreal gets new garbage cans
WATCH: A new green garbage can initiative is gaining popularity in downtown Montreal. Global's Brayden Haines explains – Dec 19, 2017

The City of Montreal is trying to clean up its garbage following in the footsteps of cities like Vancouver and Copenhagen.

Participative Poubelle is a pilot project which transforms garbage containers by adding a bracket on top to collect recyclable cans and bottles.

The green initiative is meant to help recycling efforts and local binners, as they are called, in their bottle collection efforts.

Binners, or valoristes in French, are not to be confused with the homeless, Les Valorisites Co-operative Co-Founder Michelle Tremblay  says.

“Sixty-four per cent of those bottle collectors are not homeless. Most of the people struggle with health issues. There is a lot of divisiveness so we name them valoristes to give them dignity for the work there are doing,” Tremblay said.

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Thirty rings have been placed on public bins throughout the borough of Ville-Marie.

The Co-op of Les Valoristes says it’s a safe and dignifying gesture.

“To not have them search through the dirty garbage where they can cut themselves and it creates a value of dignity to encourage the system,” Tremblay said.

It’s only been three weeks but the initiative and the co-op are both gaining popularity among residents.

“I think it’s a great idea. I think there is a lot of people in the borough who will benefit from this,” Ville-Marie resident Jean Sebastien Dufriene said.

WATCH BELOW: Garbage left behind on Montreal moving day
Click to play video: 'Garbage left behind on Montreal moving day'
Garbage left behind on Montreal moving day

Some say this new project could help keep local streets clean and, at the same time, it’s a smart way to recycle and help out the less fortunate.

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“I think its super cool because usually what happens is that they try to take [all of the] garbage out and sometimes they don’t put it back so, in this case, they can just take it,” resident Kimberley Letang said.

The racks will stay on the trash bins in the new year.

If positive feedback comes out of the pilot project the Co-op of Les Valoristes says they could be popping up on garbage bins around the city.

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