Neglected donkey removed from Kawartha Lakes farm, donations needed for cats’ surgeries

A miniature donkey was removed from a farm in the City of Kawartha Lakes for injuries and suspected neglect.

A miniature donkey has found a new home after being removed from a farm in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) recently visited the undisclosed farm and immediately seized the five-month-old donkey as it was injured and living in poor conditions.

“Poor, poor quality hay that was musty and mouldy, no shelter,” said OSCPA inspector Donna Neale.

“When I found this little guy, she was chained to a tree with absolutely no shelter, shivering cold, injured, wounded. The owner did surrender her, thankfully.”

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Officials treated her injuries, gave her food and shelter, and recently found her a new home — a petting zoo near Markham.

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“We checked them out and they said they would gladly take this little donkey, so we can go visit her and we know she’s going to a great place,” said Neale.

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The Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes in Lindsay is also looking for help to pay for surgery for three cats in its care.

One of the cats, named Sam, needs to have a leg amputated after a run-in with a trap. Mister, a Siamese stray, was attacked by another animal which destroyed one of his eyes, and also needs extensive dental work.

An injured cat at the Humane Society in Lindsay.
An injured cat at the Humane Society in Lindsay. Steve Guthrie/CHEX News

Finally, Ghost was abandoned at the shelter. He has skin damage on his face due to scratching an infestation of ear mites and he’s had to have a cancerous eye removed.

Courtney Bryans with the shelter estimates the total cost for the three cats’ treatments could be up to $4,500.

She says there are several ways the public can help out.

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“They are welcome to stop by here and visit us if they want to make a donation, they can take a tour, they can meet Ghost and Mister if they like”

Donations can also be made online at