6-year-old Edmonton boy recognized for saving diabetic mother

Click to play video '6-year-old Edmonton boy honoured for saving his diabetic mother’s life' 6-year-old Edmonton boy honoured for saving his diabetic mother’s life
WATCH ABOVE: First grader Ronan Male is being called a hero after he called 911 and saved his diabetic mother. Su-ling Goh reports – Dec 11, 2017

Ronan Male blends in well with the rest of his Grade 1 class, but it’s something he did last spring that had him standing out from the crowd on Monday.

The six-year-old received a Citizen Lifesaving Award from Emergency Medical Services for the heroic deed he performed.

“She had the sugars,” Ronan said speaking about his mother. “I was playing on my iPad and I heard her crying. She started knocking over stuff. I tried to give her juice.”

On May 10, his mother Denise, who has diabetes, woke up with low blood sugar and fell out of bed.

The frightened youngster ran to his mother’s aid after hearing her collapse.

“I called 911 and asked the desk to bring an ambulance and they came right away,” Ronan said, recounting what happened that day.

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He ran to get his mother some juice and called 911 — all the while calmly sharing information with the dispatcher while paramedics arrived.

“I didn’t like that her sugars were low,” Ronan said. “I said: ‘My mother needs an ambulance. My mom is diabetic. She has sugars.'”

EMS officials say what he did saved her life.

“He was so in charge of that situation. When we got there, he had done everything for us. It was amazing,” paramedic Dave Artindale said.

When EMS crews arrived to assess Ronan’s mom, she was awake. Her son had already given her two juice boxes along with some snacks and had her sitting on the couch.

“He was very calm, he was very patient, he was very kind and understanding of his mom,” 911 dispatcher Monica Grela said. “Ronan didn’t cry. I never felt like he was not going to follow direction. He did a great job.”

“He’s a very smart little boy who has been taught by his parents what to do in an emergency situation.”

Raw video: He was only in Kindergarten at the time but Ronan Male’s calm 911 call may have saved his diabetic mother’s life. Here, he explains the incident in his own words.

Click to play video 'Ronan Male, 6, awarded for life-saving 911 call' Ronan Male, 6, awarded for life-saving 911 call
Ronan Male, 6, awarded for life-saving 911 call – Dec 11, 2017

The first grader was recognized before his classmates at St. Angela Catholic School — who heard part of the 911 call dispatcher Grela took that day.

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EMS officials shared some important tips about emergency situations.

“Children need to be prepared on a daily basis for emergency situations,” Grela said.

“Children who are capable of calling 911 need to know their address. If they can’t remember it, have it written down somewhere that’s accessible. They should also know their phone number, so we have a call-back number in case we get disconnected.

“It’s also important for children to know they need to stay calm. Calmness is important in emergency situations.”

“He knew right away,” Ronan’s mother said.

Denise McCormack added that because of her diabetes, she and her husband had always taught Ronan what to do in an emergency.

“He was very brave. He knew to give a couple of juices and I don’t think I was drinking them well and that’s when he knew to call 911. He was very smart.”

When it was all over, McCormack said she was so thankful to her son.

“I’m so proud of him. I think I cried for two days after. It was very emotional for me. Now he’s always asking me, ‘Are your sugars OK mum? Are you feeling OK mum?’ He’s wonderful.”

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with files from Su-ling Goh