Some Grinch stole a 100-pound Grinch display from a Port Moody home

A Port Moody homeowner would like her Grinch back. Carmen Backs

It seems that whenever there is a theft around the holiday season, media reports dub the thief a “Grinch.”

In the case of one alleged Port Moody heist, a Grinch nicked a 100-pound display of the Grinch himself.

Carmen Backs says a determined thief stole the display from the front of her home late Thursday night.

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She bought a plywood likeness of the popular Dr. Seuss character on Etsy four years ago, then had it fixed to an iron bar and a four-gallon bucket filled with concrete to make sure no one stole it.

She estimates that the entire display weighs over 100 pounds.

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Have you seen this Grinch?. Carmen Becks

She even wrapped her Christmas lights around the Grinch’s hand to make it seem like he was stealing them from the front of her home.

Backs said the item has little to no resale value and couldn’t be broken into parts and re-sold.

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She thinks the person who took it likely wanted to keep it for themselves.

“I think whoever took it, they wanted it more than me,” she said.

“Our guess is it’s sitting in someone’s backyard because they wanted it.”

She said she filed a report with Port Moody Police and has asked friends in the community to keep an eye out for it.

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Becks said “it’s truly ironic” that a Grinch stole her Grinch, but did say that if the person who took it has a change of heart — just like the character does in the Dr. Seuss book — she’d be willing to take it back no questions asked.

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