Bobsleigh brakeman Heather Moyse makes Olympic push while pushing age of 40

WATCH: Three months into her comeback two-time Olympic gold medalist Heather Moyse is pushing near personal best times while also pushing the age of 40. Kevin Smith talks to Moyse about her chances to compete in her fourth Olympic games.

Three months ago Heather Moyse came out of retirement to try to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games that are now just three months away.

At the mid-way point in her training, the two-time Olympic gold medalist brakeman is over the hump but certainly not over the hill. In fact, this week the 39-year-old pushed a training start one one-hundredth of a second off her personal best.

“To put down that number I was really surprised, really happy, but really surprised,” Moyse said.

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“That puts me in a good head space at least knowing if my body is where it needs to be in terms of alignment and [muscles] firing. I’ll be able to execute pretty well.”

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Moyse won Olympic gold medals at the 2010 and 2014 Olympics as a brakeman for legendary pilot Kaillie Humphries, but it was a younger pilot — Alysia Rissling — who convinced her to come back to push and inspire the next generation.

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WATCH: Two-time Olympic gold medalist Heather Moyse is juggling a wide range of emotion as she returns to the Canadian bobsled team. Brendan Parker has more on why she decided to come back to the sport.

‘It’s like the first day of school’: Heather Moyse returns to Canadian bobsled team
‘It’s like the first day of school’: Heather Moyse returns to Canadian bobsled team

Rissling reached out to Moyse on Instagram in August too see if she would push her sled if they qualify for the Olympics in South Korea. Rissling said she wanted both Humphries and Moyse back on Team Canada, even if they wouldn’t be sliding together.

“We have the chance for the first time ever of qualifying three sleds for the Olympics, and you’re the only one who’s been there in that capacity, and been at this high level and we could really use you. That’s what I said,” Rissling said at the time.

And that request from the next generation is what inspired Moyse to come back.

“Instead of just seeing it as a push for the sake of winning, it was about leadership and experience and passing on that experience to other people in a leadership role that [Rissling] felt was missing on the team,” Moyse said.
“Because Kaillie is the only [other] person in the entire women’s program who’s been to an Olympic games before.”

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Moyse and Team Canada head to Europe on Friday for a series of races that will determine how many sleds Canada sends to the Olympics. If all goes well, Canada will send three sleds and Moyse will get a chance to push in her fourth Olympic games.

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“I’m really pleased with where things are going, but I know I really need to stay focused and make sure I’m on the right trajectory progressing forward,” she said.

“I hope I’m in the right head space to also keep things in perspective for my team because that’s part of what they brought me back for.”

After three years away from the sport she loves, Moyse is back on track.