Manitoba municipalities asking for infrastructure funding

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities is asking the province to kick in 40 per cent of infrastructure funding. Government of Saskatchewan / Supplied

Manitoba municipalities are asking the province to help fund their roads.

The federal government has agreed to pay 40 percent of infrastructure costs, and the municipalities would pay 20 percent.

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Now they just need the province to cover the rest.

Chris Goertzen, President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM), said help from the provincial government is important.

” Municipalities have limited resources, we only take in eight cents on every tax dollar and yet we have 60 per cent of the public infrastructure.”

Goertzen said they’ve been included in consultations regarding infrastructure projects but there has not yet been any financial commitment from the province.

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“We’re advocating for true partnerships where we have a fair say on how things are transpiring for municipalities, and fair shares happen through these funding agreements. “

The AMM’s slogan is Fair Share, Fair Say, and Goertzen said they’ve been given their fair say and now they just need the fair share part of the deal.

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities is having their annual convention this week in Brandon.


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