Westmount dog receives wheelchair from neighbour

Click to play video: 'The doggie wheels that keeps on giving' The doggie wheels that keeps on giving
WATCH: Pudge the Puggle, a partially paralyzed dog in Westmount, is getting a new lease on life thanks to a dog wheelchair. As Global's Matt Grillo reports, the wheelchair is courtesy of another couple whose dog Jett went through a similar situation – Nov 27, 2017

A dog wheelchair has been passed on from one partially paralyzed pooch to another in Westmount.

Pudge is a Puggle and she suffered a slipped disk which pinched a nerve. It paralyzed her back legs, but she now has relief with use a wheelchair.

In August of 2016, Global News told you about Jett.

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The minature schnauzer was also using the wheelchair, but now, after Jett’s recent death, the wheels were handed down to Pudge who’s making good use of it.

“It’s total freedom for her,” David Freiheit, Pudge’s owner, said. “She genuinely doesn’t even know that there’s a problem.”

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Pudge uses the wheelchair while she is out for walks and Freiheit is seeing benefits.

“I’m convinced that the wheelchair is sort of stimulating her to actually make some movements with her legs,” Freiheit said. “We’ve noticed some improvement. We’ve had the wheelchair only for about a month.”

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