Bike lane growing pains in Old Strathcona

New bike lanes in downtown Edmonton, May 10, 2017. Global News

The installation of bike lanes in Edmonton has brought some growing pains as pedestrians, cyclists and drivers get used to new rules and new traffic layouts.

One bike lane in Old Strathcona seems to be particularly confusing for some city drivers. A photo circling on social media shows a truck driving in the bike lane on 83 Ave.

Andrew Siggelkow, senior transportation engineer with Edmonton’s Operations Department said the snow can make things more difficult to see and they have received “a number of” complaints.

“I think a lot of it is, these are new facilities, and they’re newly open in Edmonton. The public doesn’t have a lot of experience with these new physically separated cycle tracks, especially in some of these new areas, so I think there is some learning that’s happening.”

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Some signs along the 83 Ave bike line have even been run over by vehicles.

“We’re looking at different options of how we can mount these signs in ways that is both visible, but also can allow for the sign to pop back up if it is hit.”

Siggelkow said the city is looking at a variety of options in tackling the issue, but their main focus is education.

“There’s been street teams going out doing face-to-face interactions, there’s bulletins that have been mailed out, ad campaigns and as well as the city website.”

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According to data on less cyclists are using the bike lanes since winter began, however over 1,000 still use the downtown network.

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