London shoppers still taking advantage of Black Friday savings

A busy parking lot outside of White Oaks Mall as shoppers look to take advantage of Black Friday sales. (Nov. 24, 2017). Jake Jeffrey / 980 CFPL

Some shoppers got an early start this morning as they looked to cash in on some Black Friday sales.

Area malls were operating under expanded hours, opening at 7 a.m. in some cases to accommodate early risers.

Several people told 980 CFPL they took the day off work while others said they called in sick at the last minute to take advantage of some sales.

Alyssa, who had both her hands full of shopping bags, says she makes a whole day of it every year.

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“I took the day off work, but I took it as a personal day so my boss can’t get mad at me,” said Alyssa.

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“I got a full day ahead of me, starting with the shopping malls and then I’ll hit the outlets later.”

Alyssa says she’s mainly focused on getting gifts for others, but is making sure she treats herself as well. She says some of the deals have been too good to pass up.

“I’ve been using some coupons on top of the sales so I’ve got some pretty good deals, my credit card company is not going to like me very much.”

Chris, on the other hand, wasn’t going to spend any more time at the mall than he had to.

“I came here to get some jewelry for my girlfriend and my daughter. I got here at 7 a.m. when I finished work, so far so good, it hasn’t been too busy.”

“I don’t really like shopping but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?”

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Katie says she drove in early this morning from St. Thomas, adding that it was well worth the trip.

“We left at 5:30 this morning so we could be at Walmart when it opened at 6, it wasn’t crazy busy but we got what we wanted.”

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Some of the big-ticket items on peoples’ wish lists this morning included big screen televisions, smartphones and jewelry.

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Rhoda was trying to finish up some of her Christmas shopping early. She says things were pretty busy, although relatively tame.

“Never ceases to amaze me how many people are here at this time of the day, haven’t seen any pushing and shoving yet, looks like everyone’s had their coffee this morning and seems pretty happy.”

She says in the past she’s witnessed some pretty heated exchanges between shoppers during Black Friday sales, but all around things were relatively calm this time around.

In an attempt to not spoil some Christmas surprises, last names were withheld in the story. Also, several people didn’t want their boss to know they were playing hooky from work.

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