‘Doctor Pocket’ app connects people, doctors around the world

WATCH ABOVE: A brother-sister duo from Montreal has jumped into the burgeoning industry of tele-medicine. Global's Billy Shields finds out more.

A brother and sister duo from DDO, in Montreal’s West Island, have come up with a new app that they hope will change the way doctors make house calls.

Jeffery Khoury came up with the idea with his sister, Louidgina, after he fell ill on a trip in Italy.

“I was completely uncomfortable just to be sick somewhere outside Canada,” he said.

The app is called Doctor Pocket and in seven months of operation, it’s had tens of thousands of downloads worldwide.

The aim is to get people connected — through a private system — to physicians over the phone.

Currently, the app’s network has about two dozen doctors.

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The app has functionality similar to Skype and WhatsApp.

Doctors collect fees on a per-consultation basis, and the app’s creators get a percentage of the fees collected.

The Khourys’ next project involves finding a way to allow users to get prescriptions filled through the app.

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