Quebec Liberals vow to do more to serve needs of anglophones

Anglophone affairs minister Kathleen Weil.
Anglophone affairs minister Kathleen Weil. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Quebec’s Liberal Party says it wants to do more for the province’s anglophone community by proposing to analyze bills before they become law to see how they would impact English speakers.

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The party will debate as many as five resolutions that could concern anglophones at a convention later this month in Quebec City.

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Newly appointed anglophone affairs minister Kathleen Weil did not comment Wednesday about whether or not there were concerns within the Liberal ranks about losing support among English-speaking voters.

Instead, she spoke about what she plans to do to address the needs of anglophones in the province.

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“As we prepare and finalize the mandate, we’ll look at, essentially, best practices elsewhere too,” Weil said.

“There’s other legislation in other provinces that do similar things that look at policies that could affect the linguistic minority community.”

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The anglophone community in Quebec has been clamouring for years for an anglophone affairs office — an official mechanism for civil servants to consult the community before drafting legislation.

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Premier Philippe Couillard promised in June that he would create a special anglophone affairs office to protect the rights of Quebec’s English-speaking minority.

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The Liberals’ pre-party election convention will take place Nov. 25 – 26 in Quebec City.

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