Boyle Street Community Services needs warm clothing donations for Edmonton’s homeless

Boyle Street Community Services in Edmonton Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. Global News

With cold weather settling in, an Edmonton organization that provides services to the city’s most vulnerable population is in dire need of donations.

Boyle Street Community Services is making a public plea for donations of warm winter clothing, for men and women of all ages.

“Donations are down quite a bit right now,” said Brent Guidinger, development manager at Boyle Street Community Services. “I think it kind of speaks to just the nature of the weather in Edmonton. It can kind of shift overnight and then the urgency goes up.”

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Over the last 24 hours, Guidinger said people have started dropping by with donations, but the need is ongoing.

“We can certainly use more. Obviously it’s only Nov. 3 and we know how long winters can be in Edmonton, so the donations that are coming in are great but we know that they won’t last. As quickly as they’re coming in, they’re going out.”

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Temperatures have taken a dive over the past week, with the city also receiving its first significant snowfall of the season. Daytime highs are expected to hover around the -5 C to -9 C range over the next five days, with overnight lows dipping as low as -15 C. And that’s before you factor in the wind.

“The risk of hypothermia is through the roof right now,” Guidinger said. “It’s getting pretty cold. Lots of our folks are experiencing homelessness year-round.”

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Boyle Street is accepting any and all winter clothing, including socks, long underwear, mittens, toques, boots and jackets.

“Anything that can keep a person warm right now,” Guidinger said. “The urgency is up to make sure our folks can stay safe and warm. We’re really encouraged by the folks that have stepped up already to donate but we know that we’ll need the contributions to continue throughout the winter.”

Donations can be dropped off at Boyle Street Community Services at 10116 – 105 Ave. Monetary donations can also be made online.

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