A designer just created thong jeans and they’re ridiculous

Carmar Denim's 'extreme cut out jean' retails for US$168 and is currently sold out. Carmar Denim

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Designers have been pulling at the threads of jeans for a while now. It started with discreet rips and tears around the pockets and knees, then they started systematically slashing the fabric from the thigh to the ankle, and earlier this year, we saw entire swaths of fabric cut out and replaced with clear plastic.

It seemed they were finally done with turning denim on its head. Until now.

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During Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo in October, designer Thibaut unveiled thong jeans for spring 2018. And the name really does say it all.

The garment basically consists of a waistband, seams, and cuffs, but no panels covering the legs. The front has a thin strip of fabric to help maintain (what’s left) of the wearer’s modesty, while the back clearly shows where it gets its “thong” moniker.

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Not surprisingly, the internet had a lot to say about them.

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It’s doubtful these jeans will be seen all over the streets, but as some have pointed out on social media, that all depends on who wears them. If the paparazzi snap a fashion-forward celeb like Rihanna wearing them out to dinner, there’s a possibility they could actually hit the mainstream.

“If @badgalriri puts them on they’ll become trendy,” stated one Instagram user.

Although we’ve yet to see documented proof that the pop star has invested in a pair, a brand in Los Angeles named Carmar Denim has created their own version of the jeans. Called the “extreme cut out jean,” the style is nearly identical to designer Thibaut’s, and is described as having a relaxed fit, high rise and made from 100 per cent non-stretch cotton.

The jeans retail for US$168 and are currently on back-order.

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