‘I Love You, Daddy’ trailer faces backlash amid Harvey Weinstein scandal

‘I Love You, Daddy’ trailer draws uncomfortable parallels to issues confronting Hollywood
WATCH: 'I Love You Daddy' trailer

I Love You, Daddy, a movie about a father (Louis C.K.) trying to protect his teenage daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) when she starts dating a much older filmmaker, is never not uncomfortable to contemplate.

Considering what Hollywood is currently embroiled in — a massive sexual abuse scandal involving heavyweight producer Harvey Weinstein — and that discomfort is amplified even further.

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Another little detail: the older filmmaker is rumoured to be a pedophile and rapist. (That role is being played by John Malkovich.)

Director Louis C.K., a noted comedian, has brushed off any accusations that this is a movie about Hollywood director Woody Allen, but nearly every critic dissecting the trailer says it ranges from an Allen spoof to an Allen homage. Its black-and-white presentation adds to that speculation. Even the suggestive title I Love You, Daddy is suspect; Allen ended up marrying his much-younger once-stepdaughter.

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Perhaps most troubling of all are the floating sexual allegations against Louis C.K. himself. The rumours, which he has declined to discuss, involve the comedian masturbating in front of non-consenting women, including comedian Jen Kirkman.

Backlash on social media was swift and ruthless in the current volatile environment.

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The final scene in the trailer appears to encapsulate the film in one disturbing quote:

“I mean, everyone’s a pervert,” says a woman to Louis C.K. “I’m a pervert. We’re all perverts. Who cares?”

(You can watch the trailer in the video, top.)

‘I Love You Daddy’ opens in theatres on Nov. 17.

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