October 19, 2017 9:01 pm

All West Kelowna marijuana dispensaries ordered to shut down


It was just last week when West Kelowna council pulled the business licences to two of the six marijuana dispensaries operating in the city – meaning all six are now without a business licence.

This week, West Kelowna cranked it up a notch by issuing a cease and desist order to all six dispensaries — telling them to shut down.

The city’s chief administrative officer said the city has a few cards up its sleeve to make sure they cease operation, including issuing a $1,000-a-day fine.

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Global Okanagan visited most of the dispensaries in West Kelowna seeking comment. None of the operators would go camera, but one admits they’re worried.

“We’re all concerned right now. We don’t want to step on the city’s toes. We don’t know what their intentions are,” said an operator.

Councillor Rusty Ensign supports the crackdown on the dispensaries. He especially doesn’t like to see them on Main Street. He also questions where the marijuana is coming from and who is buying it.

“It’s for medicine and if you look at the clientele that’s walking in and out of them, it’s young men in their 20s and 30s that are in there — for medicine?”

Ensign said it was the RCMP that forced council’s hand in cracking down on the dispensaries because the police weren’t doing anything.

“We’ve asked them to do it. They won’t do it,” Ensign said.

Global Okanagan asked West Kelowna RCMP why they haven’t shut down the dispensaries. So far, there’s been no response.

The six dispensaries have until the end of this month to close their doors.

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