A concrete spray that keeps walls from crumbling in a quake is being tested in B.C.

Click to play video: 'UBC researchers unveil earthquake-proof concrete'
UBC researchers unveil earthquake-proof concrete
UBC researchers have unveiled what could be a game-changer in the seismic upgrade of buildings. And as Aaron McArthur reports, a Vancouver elementary school will get the first real-world application – Oct 10, 2017

A city primed for “The Big One” might seem a perfect place to test a concrete spray that could keep walls from collapsing in an earthquake.

That’s precisely what’s happening at one elementary school, which is being used as a pilot project for a spray developed by engineers at UBC which, they say, could keep walls standing when the shaking begins.

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The spray works as a kind of fibre enforcement, bridging cracks in a building’s structure.

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“The concrete will continue to take stresses without collapsing,” said Dr. Nemy Banthia, a professor in UBC’s Department of Civil Engineering.

It’s not hard for a concrete wall to collapse in a quake. But a demonstration of this spray showed that a wall kept standing when subject to vigorous shaking on Tuesday.

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If it were used around the world, the spray would mean lessened earthquake risk for millions of people — including in B.C., where coastal residents worry about a possible 9.2-magnitude earthquake striking one day.

The material is being sprayed on the walls of Annie B. Jamieson Elementary School in East Vancouver as part of a pilot project; more study is needed before it’s rolled out any further.

One-hundred and fifty schools throughout B.C. are considered “high-risk” when it comes to earthquakes, and there’s no timeline on when they’ll have seismic upgrading completed.

“I imagine that more work will continue, and [Education] Minister [Rob] Fleming is committed to making sure that our kids go to school in safe buildings,” Minister of Advanced Education Melanie Mark said Tuesday.

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