Kelowna cop assumed he was going to get shot at Vegas massacre

Kelowna RCMP corporal Chris Williams was in Vegas at the country music concert last Sunday where a gunman opened fire – killing more than 50 people.

As the bullets rained down, Williams’ instincts as a cop kicked in.

“I started getting people down the on ground. I covered up people immediately adjacent to me, pushed them under the seats and got on top of them,” he said.

With people being shot all around him, Williams figured it was only a matter of time before he was hit.

“I was waiting for the bullet that was going to hit me. I really was. And I think all the people around us were. People were saying goodbyes to their loved ones. The man beside me and his wife were saying their goodbyes. They were telling each other that if one didn’t live — tell the kids they love them. Things like that.”

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While Williams escaped physical injury, he said the Vegas shooting has left him rattled.

“This certainly will result in a setback for me in terms of dealing with the symptoms of PTSD. It is not anything that I could have ever expected,” he said.

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